Plan a Few Conversations (3)

Plan a Few Conversations 3You might also want to consider having a monthly contest or drawing, where you randomly select a post from all the posts that have come in and give that person a prize. You could also consider a “post your photo” contest where people take pictures of themselves at your store or using your products. Members could vote on the best picture, and the person who took the picture wins a prize. (more…)

What Customer Communities Will Do for Your Business (2)

What Customer Communities 2Sometimes, though, the individuals like your store so much that they want to keep it a secret all to themselves. They need to be persuaded, in some way, to tell other people about your store. Your job, then, will be to encourage these folks to talk about your store. We will show you how in this book. (more…)

What are Word-of-mouth Marketing and Customer Communities?

 What are Word-of-mouthWord-of-mouth marketing (WOM) is the process of information exchange, especially recommendations about products and services, between two people in an informal way. In the past, word of mouth has been a spoken phenomenon, but other types of dialogue (such as email and Web postings) are now included in the definition. (more…)