What Customer Communities Will Do for Your Business

What Customer Communities 1We know you do not have a lot of time to invest in advertising and marketing. What’s in it for you? Customer communities built through word of mouth have been shown to have numerous benefits for your business.

A customer community will increase and reinforce customer loyalty.

If a customer takes it upon herself to tell a friend or colleague something positive about your store, it reinforces her own commitment to your business.

Each time she tells her friends something positive about the store, she makes a commitment which validates and confirms her beliefs and feelings about your store. When she has another positive experience, she will start the cycle all over again. Additionally, the number of people she tells is a measure of the level of her loyalty.

This increased loyalty occurs over time, and is based on the number of opportunities your loyal customer finds to praise your store. The more positive the experience, the more people will be told initially as well as the longer the individual will continue to pass on the good word.

A customer community will improve business performance.

With each opportunity to talk about your store, your customer reminds herself of the positive experience. This significantly increases the chance that she will visit your store again soon. Customers who visit frequently spend more per visit and have higher ticket averages per person than those that visit infrequently.

The lone exception to this might be shoppers who wait for sales. There is definitely a connection between word-of-mouth activities and long-term, total customer value. The frequent visitor is the one who is building an affinity for your store, and who is likely to have or make more opportunities to talk about your store to friends and family.

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