What Customer Communities Will Do for Your Business (2)

What Customer Communities 2Sometimes, though, the individuals like your store so much that they want to keep it a secret all to themselves. They need to be persuaded, in some way, to tell other people about your store. Your job, then, will be to encourage these folks to talk about your store. We will show you how in this book.

A customer community will reduce marketing expenses.

Costs of promoting your store go down if you have a strong customer community. You may be able to reduce the amount of traditional advertising (radio, newspaper, television, and direct mail) that you currently do. Additionally, costs to open new locations may decrease.

A customer community will insulate you from competition.

The more a customer is loyal to your store, the less likely he will be to switch to a competitor. It is a fact of life that some human beings crave new experiences, so even the most loyal customers may stop by a competitor to check it out once or twice. What you will find, though, is that your loyal customers are often using even a competitive experience to reinforce the fact that they made the right choice the first time.

A customer community will increase your employee loyalty. Happy customers who keep coming back result in a happy staff. Happy staff leads to more employee loyalty. Think of it as a circle. In a restaurant, for example, loyal customers are also usually better tippers than non loyal customers are.

They will refer friends to the restaurant, and these friends may even ask for the same server that serves the loyal customers. This reinforces the positive work that the server has provided. The new guest often comments on all the good things they have heard about the staff person, so the server gets more reinforcement that is positive.

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