Plan a Few Conversations

Plan a Few Conversations Once people start attending and participating in your community, especially if you have some type of forum, the community will take on a life of its own. Community participation and community satisfaction are positively correlated, in that the more people post, the happier they will be with the community.

The more they visit and participate, the greater the trust they will have in the community and the store. However, you will be able to direct the types of conversations that your online community will have. Consider the examples we have already provided, and think about the following type of conversations you can have on your board or on your blog.

Information Exchanges. Many communities will have some type of information exchange going on regularly. You will want to think about your social glue and develop a personalized focus on some specific areas that address what your customers/community members are most interested in.

Let us say, for example, you own a vitamin store and your online community will focus on health. You should think what specific health information you want to focus on. Then set up specific conversational areas on your community forum or dedicate a blog posting to one specific area each day.

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