Plan a Few Conversations (3)

Plan a Few Conversations 3You might also want to consider having a monthly contest or drawing, where you randomly select a post from all the posts that have come in and give that person a prize. You could also consider a “post your photo” contest where people take pictures of themselves at your store or using your products. Members could vote on the best picture, and the person who took the picture wins a prize.

Product and Service Ratings. As we described earlier, you may want to offer product ratings and reviews of the items you sell in your store. This is also known as the eBay or Amazon model. Studies that have investigated situations where consumers share product reviews and purchase experiences have shown that others’ experiences have a great influence on individuals, especially if the others are trusted.

You need to be especially vigilant when people have issues or problems with the products or services they purchase at your store. Investigate all problems and correct any of the issues that you can. Be sure to let the community know what your response was.

Ask the Expert. Perhaps one of your community members is an expert in your social glue. Invite him or her to be a special guest to answer some questions posed by other members of the community. Alternatively, consider occasionally inviting an outside expert to join the community for a specific period of time for an ask the expert type of experience.

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