The Importance of Word of Mouth and Customer Communities (2)

 The Importance of Word2Should they go to a “big box” merchant like Wal-Mart or Target, a regional chain, a small store, or should they just buy something online? As a retailer, you know it is incredibly hard to get your store to stand out. Can you stand out based on selection?

Can you stand out based on price? Can you stand out based on customer service? Maybe you can stand out to some degree in all of these areas. It is also likely that some of your competitors can claim these advantages.

The chains can deliver on pricing, selection, and customer services. It means you have to compete on some other level. That is where this book comes in. Your store can stand out against the competition by going to another level of personal connection to your customers, by building a unique and ongoing relationship with your customers, or what we call a “customer community.” We will show you how to use word of mouth to build a customer community for your store.

Using traditional research techniques, individual interactions with your customers, and word-of-mouth marketing, you will be able to confront your competition by nurturing and growing a loyal group of customers for your store. From that point, the possibilities are endless!

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