What are Word-of-mouth Marketing and Customer Communities?

 What are Word-of-mouthWord-of-mouth marketing (WOM) is the process of information exchange, especially recommendations about products and services, between two people in an informal way. In the past, word of mouth has been a spoken phenomenon, but other types of dialogue (such as email and Web postings) are now included in the definition. (more…)

Business Networking

Business Networking Networking is the process of developing personal contacts through professional associations and organizations. It can be time well spent, but it takes time out of your schedule and money out of your pocket, so you want to be selective about which organizations you join. When you do decide to join one, you will get more out of it by being an active member rather than just reading their newsletter. (more…)

Work at Home Comfortably

Earning money can be done not only by working at office but also at home. Which one do you prefer? If you prefer the second way, which job do you choose and have now? Are you an online products seller, affiliate marketer, writer or virtual assistant? No matter what your job is, you need to always work at home comfortably by doing these ways so you can increase your productivity and income: (more…)