If times are tough talk to someone about it— you will feel much better (I)

Business owners often wear a secret medal called the ‘Stiff Upper Lip Medal’. It is awarded to those who take all of the negative things any business has to face and keep them inside, worried that if they tell someone about them, that they have had a tough week or that their business is financially tough, the person will think less of them. I have found it to be quite the opposite. (more…)

Start an inspirational scrapbook and ideas box

In my first book on marketing one of my recommendations was to start a marketing ideas box. The aim of this was to collect samples of good marketing that had caught my eye. It contained copies of brochures, advertisements from newspapers, promotional giveaways or anything that I felt was good marketing. The aim was to give me inspiration for when I was planning my own marketing. (more…)

You don’t have to work like a dog to be a success

There is nothing in the rule book that says to be successful at what you do you need to work yourself to death. Unfortunately, many business owners are so busy working that they are stopping themselves from being successful. If you work too much you wear yourself out. You can’t think clearly, you make bad decisions, you stop having fun, people close to you start to keep away, you start aging quickly and your health starts to suffer. (more…)

Never be afraid to put a proposal to someone

Many enormously successful entrepreneurs have got to where they are with just one initial opportunity. This is the one that made them and started their career. Interestingly, these opportunities were generally created by the foresight of the aspiring entrepreneur and their ability to put a proposal forward, regardless of who the person receiving it was. (more…)

Run your business—don’t let it run you

It’s hard to build a winning business if you are not in control and many business owners will understand exactly what I mean by this statement. If your business is running you it’s time to make some changes. Many of the tips covered in this book address aspects of this concept but you need to make a very conscious decision that you are taking control of your business and it will be run on your terms. (more…)