A solar power charger, is it really worth buying?

Power banks are increasingly being used for all kinds of mobile devices. These devices do not have a battery that’s lasts for 2 days and when on the road, will have to be recharged. Most of the times, when on a trip or journey you will not find a power supply on every occasion. In an airplane, in the mountains or other remote place. A power bank is the ultimate savior when you're smartphone, tablet or speaker runs out of power. But what is the best solar power bank out there?

A test was conducted in 2018 and they tested several solar power banks. The tests was made with 16 different power banks and in different price ranges. All the power banks had a capacity of 5000 to 6000 amperes per hour. The big advantage of a solar power bank is that they do not need another device to charge itself. If you are going for a hike in a sunny country, you do not have to take another device to charge your power bank. With sufficient sunlight, these power banks charge themselves.

This test was executed on several parts of the solar banks. They were tested regarding capacity, the time to charge a bank and all the technical aspects. They also conducted the overload on the USB gates and if short circuit did appear. This way they could see which solar banks were fire resistant/proof. Some were not fire resistant at all, they have been removed out of the test.

Another feature that was tested, was the overstrain. Overstrain can occur when a defect loader is used. The system checks if the solar bank gives electricity boosts or not. The most cheap products did not even work anymore after this test. The cheaper banks also had a weak cover and were not fire resistant. After long testing and working with the different products, one of the best solar power banks can be found here.

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