Trade Credit and Company Credit (1)

trade creditRegardless of what, your company is it’s likely you’ll need supplies. For some companies it might just be described as an issue of office supplies and equipment, for the others it could be a whole product line introduced for re-sale. Regardless of what kind of company you’re likely to be coping with suppliers. As a result of this you’re in an ideal place to construct your business credit in a means which will benefit your organization in a number of ways. (more…)

Enterprise Capitalism (1)

Venture capitalismVenture capitalism is just a process whereby a venture capitalist invests cash in small and fledgling businesses to finance its launch or re-structuring with the expectations of higher yield in the years ahead. In the place of offering financing, their investments are exchanged by venture capitalists to get a stake in the organization often in the shape of stocks, that they will later unload. (more…)