What Is a Credit Card Minimum Payment?

credit cardsCredit card payments can create significant stress for consumers. Depending on the specific financial situation, paying only the minimum amount due may seem like a cost-saving measure. In reality, however, making minimum payments on credit card balances can add up to serious financial headaches for cash-strapped consumers. Understanding the methods used to determine the minimum monthly payment and how credit card companies charge interest on outstanding balances can help consumers manage their financial affairs in a more informed and positive way. (more…)

Job as Beauty Counselor (1)

Beauty CounselorAs women, we’re able to spend hours performing our hair, painting our toenails and perfecting our make-up. For many people, this time allocated to ourselves is definitely an indulgent luxury – we’d get it done more often, if we’d more time! Actually, within our time-poor culture to-day, many women just do not have the time to beautify themselves and are increasingly embracing beauty counselors to complete the job for them. (more…)