CENSA: Developing Foreign Policy Leaders

CENSASince 1999, the Council for Emerging National Security Affairs (CENSA) has been providing leadership opportunities for mid-level professionals across various sectors. Comprised of private sector professionals, military officers, public sector foreign policy specialists and accomplished academics, CENSA has been actively leading the discussion on all matters of national security. Through its frequent publications and top quality research initiatives, this non-partisan, non-profit organization is paving the way for rising professionals. (more…)

What Is a Credit Card Minimum Payment?

credit cardsCredit card payments can create significant stress for consumers. Depending on the specific financial situation, paying only the minimum amount due may seem like a cost-saving measure. In reality, however, making minimum payments on credit card balances can add up to serious financial headaches for cash-strapped consumers. Understanding the methods used to determine the minimum monthly payment and how credit card companies charge interest on outstanding balances can help consumers manage their financial affairs in a more informed and positive way. (more…)