Learn to let go—if it doesn’t work move on (II)

Most people stay out of uncertainty of what to do next. This is often the reason people are resistant to change in general. If a business situation or relationship is no longer working, be prepared to let it go and move on to your next challenge. Don’t lament it—but learn from it. It is a time to get excited because your next opportunity is just over the horizon. Likewise it may be prudent to lose some money now and walk away, rather than lose everything by hanging on.

My belief about this is that if your business is really struggling and there is nothing in the near future that will cause a sudden and considerable change in fortune, think long and hard about continuing. Over the years I have had a number of contracts that on the surface looked very prestigious and profitable. One in particular was managing the marketing of a large shopping centre.

The monthly turnover that account provided was great but when I sat down and looked at the cost of managing it there was no money, just a lot of stress. So I made the decision to resign the account, much to the horror of my staff and the amazement of my competitors. In a few weeks I had replaced it with four new accounts that earned more than double the amount of income with far fewer company resources being committed as well as a lot less stress and grief.

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