Business from Home with EBay

ebayeBay needs neither introduction or explanation. At the time of writing it is the world’s largest online market place and a virtual Mecca for hobby enthusiasts.


eBay offers enormous opportunity for any collector both to sell and source their goods. Some collectors I know have shut their shops and now trade exclusively online while others have kept their shops, but vastly increased their sales by selling on eBay.

My own view is that not every business will suit eBay retailing. In fact in some cases selling your goods via their auction process may actually devalue your products as everyone bidding will expect to get them at a reduced price. For example I’ve noticed that the specialist Dutch bikes that we sell in our business seldom manage to achieve their reserve price.

However this hasn’t stopped me from using eBay. We’ve purchase all sorts of bits and pieces at hugely reduced prices for our business. Because eBay works as an auction the effects of supply, or should I say over-supply, has both a dramatic and near instant effect on prices.

We have found eBay an excellent place to purchase:

  • quality used and often near-new office equipment
  • tools for our bike and gardening business
  • low-cost packaging materials for our mail order business
  • stationery packs
  • accessories for our hire business
  • memorabilia for use in our marketing campaigns.
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